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Why can't I access my TNAS device through the TOS webpage after updating the TOS?

If you are unable to access the TOS webpage after updating the TOS, please refer to the following instructions to reinstall it. Please note that reinstalling TOS will not delete your data (unless you encounter situation B described below).

  • 1. Power off your NAS device to unplug all the hard drives, and then restart it;

  • 2. Search for the IP address of your NAS through TNAS PC application, click the IP address found, and then click “Login”.

  • 3. Put all the hard drives back into your device after a window with the message “No hard drive detected” pops up.

  • 4. Please select “Install a New TOS” when you are asked whether you want to install TOS or a new TOS on the hard disk. You will then see a pop-up window with the prompt “The data in the hard drive will be lost”. Please ignore it and click “Yes” to continue the operation. Your data will not be lost.

  • 5. Please select “Download and Install the TOS System Automatically” (recommended).

  • 6. Set the password and time zone.

After completion of the settings, there will be two possibilities:

  • A: You will see the TOS login page. Please enter your username and password to log in.

  • B: You will see a page that states that the hard drives are being formatted and the arrays are being created. Please close it immediately and contact us for remote diagnosis.