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Why has the TNAS PC desktop application failed to map the network drive?

If you cannot map the network drive with the TNAS PC desktop application or have failed to access it by entering the correct username and password after successfully mapping and restarting the computer, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot: (Note: If your computer is equipped with a Windows operating system, this problem is mainly related to the compatibility of TNAS PC desktop application with it. Please refer to Step 6 directly).

  • 1. Check whether the SMB service is enabled. Please go to “TOS Control Panel” > “Network Services” > “File Services” to uncheck the SMB/CIFS service, and then click “Apply”. Next, check it again and click “Apply”. Then, try again to map the drive.

  • 2. Your password for logging in to TOS may contain some special characters such as #, %, @, etc. Please change the password by clicking “admin” in the upper right corner of the TOS webpage to delete special characters, and then try to remap the drive.

  • 3. You must check “Remember My Credentials” when entering the password, otherwise the mapped drive will disappear after the computer restarts.

  • 4. You must have full permissions to “read and write” the selected folders, otherwise the system will give a prompt of “Configuration failed, error code 1202”. You can change the permissions in “TOS Control Panel” > “Access Permissions” > “Shared Folder”.

  • 5. Please go to the “Credential Manager” of Windows to delete the current TNAS credentials, and then try again.

  • 6. If none of the above methods work, please enter the IP address of your TNAS device (e.g., \\ in Windows File Explorer to access TNAS, right click the shared folder in TNAS, and then select “Map Network Drive” in the list.