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What should I do if my TNAS file transfer speed is low?

If you find that your TNAS files are transferred (read/write) at a speed far lower than the official test value, your device or network connection is probably functioning abnormally. Please follow the instructions below to eliminate all potential abnormalities:

  • 1. The computer is connecting through a wireless network: If you transfer data via a wireless network, the transfer speed will be greatly reduced. To guarantee an adequate transfer speed, a wired network is recommended.

  • 2. Network rate: Please check whether the current network rate is 1,000 Mbps or 100 Mbps.

  • 3. Hard drive failure: If the hard drive in your TNAS device fails, the data transfer speed will be affected.

  • 4. Network fault: Please check whether the connections at the network cable, router, and switch port are in good condition.

  • 5. Computer fault: If the computer is infected by a network virus or the computer network card fails, the data transfer speed will be affected.