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How can I use WOL on my TNAS device?

1. The WOL feature in BIOS should be activated first. Please take the following steps:

  • a. Connect your TNAS device to the monitor using the HDMI cable via the HDMI port;

  • b. Connect a USB keyboard to your TNAS device;

  • c. Boot your device and keep pressing ESC or DEL button to enter BIOS mode;

  • d. Navigate “Advanced” > “Power Management Features” > “Wake On LAN”, modify the status of “Wake On LAN” from “Disable” to “Enable”.

2. Please go to “TOS Control panel” > “Hardware & Power” > “Power” > “Wake On LAN” to enable “Wake On LAN” at TOS.

3. Download and Run “WakeMeOnLAN”

For a Windows System:

  • a. Download link for “WakeMeOnLAN”:

  • b. Locate the IP address of the TNAS within LAN and click “File” > “Wake Up Selected Computers”

  • c. Please click “File” > “Add New Computer”, input the IP Address (or DDNS Host Name) and MAC address of TNAS, then click “File” > “Wake Up Selected Computers”

For a Linux System:

Please use command wol to wake it up, such as wol -i 6C:BF:B5:01:11:99.


  • 1. WOL is only supported on TOS4.2.04 or above.
  • 2. Only LAN1 port supports WOL.
  • 3. WOL will be effective only after TNAS is powered off properly (powered off by pressing the power button or from TOS web page).