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What should I do if my TOS is outdated and I’m trying to install TOS, but it is stuck at 11 or 55%?

When reinstalling the TOS system or installing the latest version, the process may be stuck at 11% or 55% due to the older version of Initboot installed on some X86 devices. If this happens, please try to solve it by following the steps below:

1. Boot your TNAS without a hard disk, and find the Initboot version in the “lower right corner” or “lower left corner” of the initialization interface.

2. Select the correct version to install based on the Initboot version: For Iniboot below V3.2: after-sales technical support required for remote processing;

  • For Iniboot in V3.2 - 3.8: TOS_4.1.03 installable, download link:

  • For Iniboot in V4.0 - 4.5.1: TOS_4.1.27 installable, download link:

  • For Iniboot in V4.5.5 - 4.8.6: TOS_4.1.30 installable, download link:

3. After installation, Initboot will be updated accordingly. If you want to install it again in a higher version, repeat Steps 1 and 2.