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Why does the TNAS PC desktop application fail to search for my TNAS device?

If the TNAS PC desktop application fails to find for your TNAS device, the device will not be initialized or used. The following are some common causes and solutions:

1. The version of TNAS PC desktop application is outdated.

Solution: Update the TNAS PC desktop application to the latest version. Please go to the “Download” page on the official TerraMaster website to download the latest version of the TNAS PC desktop application based on your TNAS model. After successful installation, search again for the latest version of the application.

2. The TNAS device is not online.

Solution: Check whether the indicator on the router or switch port connected to your TNAS device is working normally. If not, this means your TNAS device is offline. Please try again with another network port or cable.

3. The hard drive may be damaged or fail to properly communicate with the TNAS device.

Solution: The hard drive indicator should be green if the hard drive is functioning normally. If it is red, this means the hard drive has not started. Please unplug the hard drive, reinsert it into the slot, and then reboot the TNAS device. If it still fails to search for your TNAS device through the TNAS PC application after rebooting, please replace the hard drive with a new one and try again.

4. The TNAS device is not on the same network as the computer.

Solution: The TNAS PC desktop application will not find your TNAS device if it is not on the same network as your computer. Please connect your TNAS device and computer to the same network.

5. The computer firewall or router is enabled.

Solution: Please disable your computer firewall or router.

6. Two or more network cards are used in the computer.

Solution: Conflicts will occur if several network cards are used at the same time, resulting in your TNAS device failing to communicate with your computer. In this case, please keep the one you are using and disable the other network cards.

7. VPN is enabled on the computer.

Solution: Please disable VPN.

8. There may be another operating system installed on the hard drive in the TNAS device.

Solution: Reboot the device after unplugging all the hard drives from it. Next, wait two minutes, reinsert all of them, and search again.