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F2-210/F4-210 TOS installation failed and stuck at 50%

Please check the version of Initboot on the TOS installation page. If the version is V4.8.6, please follow the instructions below:

  • 1. Please boot your TNAS device without any hard disk installed, and then find the TNAS IP through the TNAS PC application.

  • 2. Enter the IP address of TNAS in the browser, or click “Login” on the TNAS PC application to enter the “Initialization” page.

  • 3. Please install the Putty client (applicable for Windows users). Enable Putty, and type in your NAS IP address in its host name and 22 as the port number, then click “Open”.

  • 4. Log in as “root” with the same password as the administrator user, and then press “Enter”.

  • 5. Next, type in “/etc/tos/scripts/wget_from_online”, and press “Enter”.

  • 6. Refresh the TOS installation page.

  • 7. Reinsert the hard drive and follow the instructions to complete the installation of TOS.