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How is my newly purchased TNAS device initialized when it is started for the first time?

Your newly purchased TNAS device cannot be used before initialization. Please go to the official TerraMaster website, click “Quick Installation Guide”, and follow the instructions for initialization.

Please note the following:

  • 1. TNAS only supports 2.5-inch SATA hard drives or SSDs and 3.5-inch hard drives. Please go to the official TerraMaster website for a full list of compatible hard drives to ensure the correct functioning of your TNAS device.

  • 2. Search for the TNAS device through the TNAS PC desktop application and then follow the prompts for initialization. If no TNAS device is found through the application, reboot your TNAS device, reinsert all the hard drives within two minutes, and then search again.

  • 3. The system will automatically guide you to the initialization page when logging into TOS for the first time. Then follow the prompts to complete initialization.

  • 4. Create a proper backup of important data because initialization will erase all data stored on the TNAS hard drives.

  • 5. Initialization will take about ten minutes, so please be patient. After initialization, the page will automatically refresh and take you to the TOS login page. If the page does not automatically refresh, please close the page, search again for the TNAS device through the TNAS PC desktop application, and then click “TOS” on the menu bar.

  • 6. After initialization, the hard drives will automatically be formatted, and an array will be created.