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What should I do if Plex fails to start or always displays “configuring”?

If Plex fails to start, please try to solve the problem by following the steps below and clicking “Enable” after reinstallation of Plex:

1. Log in to the command window with the root account via SSH. The password of the root user must be consistent with that of the admin user.

2. View the information of users and user groups information

Enter “:cat /etc/passwd” to check if the user exists

Enter “:cat /etc/groud” to check if the user group exists

Once you have viewed the user and user group, please skip Steps 3, 4, and 5.

3. Create a plex user group

Enter “:groupadd -g 5555 plex”

4. Create a plex user and assign it to the plex group

Enter “:useradd -M -u 5555 plex -g plex”

5. Restart plex

Enter “:/etc/init.d/plex restart”

6. Go to the Application Center to uninstall Plex

7. Go to “File Management” of TOS, click the “admin user” folder and then “User” in it to change the name of the “Plex” folder to “Plex1”

8. Go to the Application Center to reinstall Plex.