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Why did the D2-310/D4-310/D5-300C not recognise the hard drive on first use?

1. The device defaults to single-disk mode. If it fails to recognise the hard drive, try inserting it into another slot to see whether the hard drives are recognised that way.

2. The RAID may not have been created successfully. Rotate the RAID switch to a different mode to rebuild the RAID to see whether the hard drives are recognised in another mode. Remember to press and hold the "Reset" button for 5 seconds after turning the dial to switch RAID modes.

3. If the device claims to have no hard drive installed, power it on, and keep it connected to your computer. Check whether there is a new TerraMaster DAS USB Device logo showing at the location of the disk drive in the device manager of your computer. If this exists, it may indicate an improper installation of the hard drive.